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eBay / Amazon Store Profit Calculator

The calculator below allows you to compare which would yield a higher profit, if you posted an item as eBay Store Invetory versus Fixed Price on Amazon Marketplace. Different values can be entered for the 2 sites to help you see which is more profitable in the long run.


1) Calculator only compares Fixed priced items and not auctions, because final closing price of an auction is unforeseeable.
2) Calculator does not include shipping cost, as this varies by seller and is usually paid by the buyer anyway.
3) Fees are based off of the U.S. ebay site, and are in USD currency only.
4) eBay and Amazon listing fees are current as of 3/31/09.
5) At this time, the calculator only compares eBay Store Inventory, and not eBay Fixed Priced listings.
6) Because 90% of eBay payments are made thru PayPal, PayPal fees are included in the eBay fees.

DISCLAIMER: This calculator should be used as a superficial guide, and should not be the only consideration for listing your items' final "for sale" price. I take no responsibility in the accuracy of the calculator.

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For a list of current eBay Store fees and Amazon Marketplace fees.

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